Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blessing of the Athletes: Old South Church

Resting directly on the finish line of the Boston Marathon is a wonderful Old South Church.  Each Marathon Sunday, the service there includes  a "Blessing of the Athletes." It is a very touching service and generally brings a tear to my eye.

Here is the responsive reading from the 2014 Easter Sunday service. Thanks to Minister Nancy Taylor for always making the runners feel so special.

The elliptical trainer as a running alternative

While recovering from injury, when used correctly, the Elliptical Trainer can be very effective in place of running. Below are my ideas and suggestions for maximizing your Elliptical experience.  These are only suggestions, useyour own judgement as to whether to follow them or not.  

When an injury prohibits normal running, runners another avenue to allow maintaining fitness while the injury heals. One option that saves pounding on the leg and foot, is the Elliptical Trainer. So, how does a runner maximize the time spend on an Elliptical Trainer and more closely replicate running?